Title: Procrastination and academic procrastination

Journal Name : The Journal of Neurobehavioral Sciences

Issue : 0

Year : 2019

DOI : 10.5455/JNBS.1563790864

Procrastination and Academic Procrastination

Procrastination and Academic Procrastination

Procrastination is a concept that has been greatly evaluated, and has a quite wide place in literature. Procrastination is defined as to putt off intended tasks to another time. As for academic procrastination, it is a subfield of procrastination and is an important problem that affects individual’s academic achievement, interpersonal interaction. With the research, it is seen that the basis of academic procrastination is consisted of unrealistic thoughts regarding failure, and such situations as anxiety, perfectionism and failure in time management. In addition, it is seen that academic procrastination can be a behavioral reflection of several psychological disorders. In this respect, in the present study, definitions and theoretical approaches regarding procrastination, and types of procrastination are reviewed.

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Sosyal Bilimler