About us

Our research is driven by passion and enthusiasm based on the motivation of changing the world by understanding the human. We take a problem and look at it from various sides, combining the expertise and talents of researchers from various disciplines. Being a pioneering and thematic university in health science, we, from the laboratory bench to the hospital bedside, from social development to economic flourishing, are eager and motivated to translate new discoveries and inventions into meaningful and measurable findings. We are hopeful that the impact of our findings will change the world to a better place in a sustainable way and in an effort to share research outcomes directly with the public in an understandable way to achieve common effect of science.

The main research and activities at Uskudar University is broad and deep. Our researchers conduct studies in almost every field while mainly focusing on neuroimaging methods, neuromodulation rreatments, neurogenetic studies and health informatics supported and shaped by 32 research centers and 5 institutes within the university campus. Researchers mostly are faculty members, visiting scholars, post-doctoral fellows, and graduate and undergraduate students. They collaborate with colleagues across the universities and affiliated institutions, and research institutions seek to expand human knowledge through analysis, innovation, and insight. Remarkable and promising outcomes of our researches will be announced here and we will always welcome global collaborations and researchers with unique skills to work as a team.

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