Title: Subjective well-being

Journal Name : The Journal of Neurobehavioral Sciences

Issue : 0

Year : 2019

DOI : 10.5455/JNBS.1566204120

Personal Well Being

Personal Well Being

It is often come across with the concept of personal well being in the studies within the scope of positive psychology. For years, personal well being had been defined as not to exist any defect in individuals’ lives, being healthy in general manner. With the recent conducted studies, it is demostrated that concept of personal well being is not limited only with this definition. As this concept has got wider, various theories have showed up. The main aim of this review is providing a general information regarding the concept of well being that develops by development of positive psychology, and to emphasize the factors that affect personal well being by reviewing its theoratical approaches.

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Sosyal Bilimler